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Boards & More
Kite Boards Daytona / Duo plus


  • Structural and Hydrodynamical concept Generation
  • Structural and Hydrodynamical detailing for series Production

The task

Boards & More with its Kite Boarding Brand Duotone teamed up with iXent to develop a Freerace Kite Foil. Freerace means a Kite Foil with the main features of a race foil, but still easy to handle - top speed with good maneuverability – jumping with easy landing – good racing features but always under control, and also suitable for beginners. iXent attacked this challenge with all it’s experience in Structural and Hydro-/Aero-World, sharpened in the Americas Cup.

Main focus was to develop “Anti Ventilation” airfoil. A common problem in Kite Foiling is the general tendency of masts ventilating. As a result we came up with a new in house developed and optimized non ventilating profile, with still good top speed performance. We verified this with a full CFD Check with our Partners at Artemis Technologies and also proved the overall performance of the Foil on the water.

On the structural side ...

... iXent focused on the challenge to combine structure performance with efficient manufacturability. Using our optimization tools enabled us to reduce production cost by not using expensive HM-fibers and at the same time keep reproducibility and quality up.

The Daytona-Foil became a success story also due the iXent-DNA implemented. At iXent, this makes us really proud.

But this is not the end... With the Daytona 2, we even took it up a notch higher:

  • New airfoils with the objective to be fastest around the course
  • IKA certification for the Olympics 2026 in France.

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